Toys R Us Walkers For Babies

The holiday season can be stressful, Particularly when you are a new mother and need to get gifts or Toys R Us Walkers For Babies that are meaningful, educational, long-lasting and fun! In these tough financial times, it’s even more important for families to research products before buying. No family would like to invest in a costly toy only to discover their child plays with it once before returning to the pots and pans. Here’s a list of toddler toys that will grow along with your loved ones!


The Traditional stacker toy helps your Child learn hand-eye coordination and color recognition. The Green Toys stacker showcased consists of 100% recycled plastic milk containers. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or outside coatings. $13.99

Building Blocks

Let your child’s creativity soar as They build walls, towers, castles and much more all the while developing their fine motor skills. On play-dates, a set of blocks can keep children quite content with no need to share if they’re plenty to go around. This set of Green Toys 18 building blocks is BPA, PVC, phthalates free and has no external coatings. These blocks are produced in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic milk containers which save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. $24.99

Bring Up/Ride On Toys

Between 6-12 months most kids Begin to pull up on furniture and may start to cruise across the couch or wall. Currently there are options to assist your child in freedom. The fundamental 2-in-1 option, pull up and ride on, is all a 1-year-old actually needs. The item featured is your Hasbro Step Start Walk N’ Ride. From the walking style (shown in photograph) kids can leverage themselves to the stability bar as they’re building strength to walk by themselves. Once your child has mastered walking, then they will have their first ride on toy. $20.00

Balls are one of Toys R Us Walkers For Babies

Don’t underestimate the power of Balls in all shapes and sizes, it’s a good Toys R Us Walkers For Babies. Talk about eye hand coordination, sensory motor development and just plain interesting, balls can keep the attention of your child in some sticky situations. Keep one in their to-go bag and take it out once you think your child requires some stimulation to avoid a meltdown. Bounce it up and down, throw it back and on, roll it to the ground and watch your child be amazed. Edushape Sensory Balls $22.50

Pull Along Toys

Bring along toys are Terrific for beginning walkers. Pull the hen along to observe the eggs drop one by one which is terrific for teaching cause and effect. Press the hen’s comb to listen to realistic chicken sounds. $19.99 – iPlay

Teething Toys

If teething hasn’t already been an Issue, it might become a problem very soon. Teething toys make excellent stocking stuffers. Pick something which appears more like a toy. This teething ball by Toysmith is a great option if your child loves to play with balls. No fancy bells or whistles…it is just perfectly designed from a baby’s point of view. That means it’s truly sized for grasping (many are simply too large), with the perfect level of “give.” (Hard enough to ease sore teeth, but soft enough to protect little mouths.) Squeaks when squeezed, so it’s entertaining, too. Vanilla scented. $7.99

Your Baby Can Read

As Editor-in-Chief of, I’m going Out on a sidewalk by sharing with you about how this program has worked for my daughter. I received this as a present from my grandmother and thought it was only Another made for TV product. I read about it and thought it wouldn’t hurt to Show her the movies and read her the flash cards. The videos are not over stimulating. In fact, it’s basically words up on the screen followed by Images of what the word means with music intertwined. I began these videos And flash cards approximately 6 weeks. I can attest that beginning as early as 9-months-old my daughter was saying words she heard from the movies and in 18 Months, she now reads words in books, on the videos and on flash cards with no Ever viewing the pictures. People comment about her language all of the time. The Program is pricey if you buy it in the TV commercial that comes on most Saturday mornings. I never used the novels which were sent together with the program. I Use the videos and flash cards a couple of times a week. Thanks for reading this Toys R Us Walkers For Babies articles.